(executive coaching)

More than 1,000 coaching hours completed.

Unique performance culture model  – Coaching of 40 senior vice-presidents and vice-presidents. In charge of a team of coaches.

Customized transformative approach for ambitious growth – Coaching an executive vice-president and ten vice-presidents, with 360° feedback.

Participative management philosophy to engage personnel – Coaching of a vice-president, directors and their teams (two companies).

Engaging employees to engage clients – Coaching of a vice-president or general manager and their directors (thirteen companies).

New role – Coaching new vice-presidents and general managers (four people).

Context of major change – Coaching of a vice-president and three directors who had to implement major changes in a difficult context (four companies).

(performance management)

Supported a dozen companies, large and medium-sized, in improving their performance management processes.

Performance culture strategy – 550 managers, ranging from upper management to mid-management, 3,500 employees: designed and implemented a forced ranking distribution model. Managed change.

Succession planning and development process – Division of 10,000 employees: assessment of level of potential and development of high potentials.

New performance management process – 250 associates: designed processes that were better aligned with business strategies; supported change management.

(employee engagement and mobilization)

Supported three corporations and a dozen small and medium-sized companies in mobilizing and engaging employees.

Participative management philosophy: Three major companies. Supported upper management in developing the approach and implementation; coaching of managers. Managed change.

Employee engagement: A dozen small and medium-sized businesses. Defined the customized client-oriented strategy, training and coaching. Managed change.

(strategic facilitation)

Facilitated more than 100 groups of five to 75 people, including at least 20 groups in strategic thinking and planning.

Strategic restructuring and realignment – Division with 2,500 employees under an executive vice-president. Facilitated several sessions with about 30 vice-presidents and directors.

Annual strategic thinking – Division with 2,500 employees under a vice-president-CEO. Facilitated three strategic planning sessions with some 20 vice-presidents and directors.

Positioned an organizational performance culture – Company with 3,500 employees. Facilitated a session with 60 members of upper management.

Creative strategic planning – Company with 500 employees. Facilitated a creative thinking session with upper management.

Deployed a continuous improvement culture – Company with 350 employees. Facilitated a session with a multidisciplinary group of 75 people.

Deployed a strategic plan – Company with 3,500 employees. Facilitated a session with extended upper management (30 vice-presidents).

(agile change management)

Supported many organzations, including at least a dozen undergoing major transformations.

Context of major change – Coached a vice-president and three directors in implementing changes in difficult contexts (four companies).

Participative management philosophy – Supported change management by setting up a participative management structure (2 companies).

Performance culture strategy – Company of 3,500 employees. Supported change management related to implementing a performance culture.

New performance management processes – 250 associates. Supported change management while implementing new performance management changes.

Optimized and re-engineered processes – Supported change management while implementing new business processes (two companies).