(employee engagement and mobilization)

This involves developing participative and mobilizing leadership to engage the full potential of employees in attaining business objectives.

In the end, superior performance levels are reached when people take responsibility and mobilize upon understanding that their personal contribution has a positive impact on reaching business goals. employee engagement and mobilization

(strategic facilitation)

To have a successful strategic planning session with ambitious goals, the key is to rigorously design the session so that it is structured and realistic.

By paying special attention when preparing the session, it can be more participative, effective, mindful of the valuable time of those contributing and be focused around the defined action plans. strategic facilitation

(agile change management)

Contrary to traditional change management plans, the agile change management approach focuses on just-in-time planning.

Agility is conveyed through the ability to adjust to organizational and human issues that arise during implementation using an iterative approach. agile change management

(performance management)

The objective is to create and implement performance management practices and processes that are more “driven” toward the organization’s needs and culture.

It results in better alignment of all members within the organization regarding business priorities for superior individual and collective performance. performance management

(appreciative coaching)

Using this innovative coaching approach, the individual is accompanied in his or her professional development based on his strengths and fundamental values.

Appreciative coaching drives the energy of the people being coached, allowing them to use their leadership and talents to their full potential. appreciative coaching

(strategic coaching)

The objective is to accompany executives in deploying their business plan by developing their leadership.

In this way, the manager can better support members of his team and clearly confirm the sense of direction for mobilizing his teams in carrying out the business plan. strategic coaching